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The strategic direction of our activity is the restoration and development of the agricultural business. We care about the well-being of our region! We strive to work on our land, implement the latest technologies and methods of the agrarian sector.


Ropes, Sacks & Jute Bags Trading

Burlap: linen, lavsan and jute will protect the product One of the types of technical fabric, modest burlap does not please the eye with a variety of colors, textures and other decorative delights, but is valued for its strength, durability and reliability. It does an excellent job of keeping the contents dry and intact.

Irrigation Equpment & Requisites Trading

Irrigation is a common and necessary agricultural practice, as water is an important factor for plant growth, along with the availability of light and heat. In some regions, frequent rains provide sufficient rainfall. However, most agricultural land needs regular artificial irrigation. At the same time, drip irrigation is the most popular irrigation method worldwide. Implementation of the latest technologies in the field of irrigation. Projects of systems of artificial irrigation of arid lands. Excellent selection of equipment and inventory.

Grains, Cereals & Legumes Trading

Groats have been the basis of human nutrition since time immemorial. Our range includes a wide variety of cereals, legumes. Cereals - cereals useful to humans, whole or crushed grains of cereals, legumes, cereals. An extensive selection of grains, cereals and legumes in the agro-industrial complex and the world.

Agricultural Equpment & Accessories Trading

Obtaining high standards of production quality, flexible advanced marketing policy allow GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C, to confidently maintain its position as a leader in a sector. A wide list of all kinds of agricultural equipment for solving any problems. Accessories and components for equipment.

Ghee & Vegetable Oil Trading

The best offer Ghee is a variety of refined ghee that is widely used in South Asia for cooking and medicine. One of the most popular and characteristic products of Indian cuisine. The widest selection of vegetable oils. Ghee is butter free of lactose and other milk residues (which is why this butter is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant). GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C also provides a wide range of oils from many oilseeds, such as: legumes, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower oil, corn oil, rapeseed, linseed oil, hemp oil. There is also a large selection of olive oil.

Animals & Brids Feed Trading

A wide range of animal feed. Different types and kinds. Excellent combination of price and quality. What kind of feed is needed for cattle? These include pasture grasses, silage, haylage, root and tuber crops, pumpkin and melon crops. Such feeds are 65–92% water. Their dry matter is dominated by sugars and starch, while relatively few proteins, fats and fiber are contained.

Green Houses & Equipment Trading

GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C manufactures arch greenhouses and greenhouses under film and polycarbonate. We offer a wide selection of greenhouses for beginners, experienced gardeners and large farms. Frames of greenhouses are also presented. The frames of our greenhouses are made from a square metal pipe or an open omega profile (W profile). All metal parts of the frames are galvanized inside and out by the method of hot galvanizing, which provides them with the best protective properties in contrast to cold, thermodiffusion or galvanic galvanizing. A wide range of materials for covering greenhouses.

Mission, Goals, Principles and Values

GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C sees its mission in working to provide high-quality and affordable food products of plant origin and related services.

The high-quality products of GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C ensure the development and creation of new jobs for residents of rural areas.

GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C works to strengthen the agriculture sector, strengthening global food security.

The basis of our activity is the promotion of the image of country as one of the global agrarian leaders.

About company

The company GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C is a sales leader and a significant player in the agricultural market. Our products and innovative approach are characterized by high quality and reliability. GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C offers its agricultural customers a wide range of services, including trading in ropes, sacks and jute bags, irrigation and agricultural equipment, grains, cereals and pulses, vegetable oil and animal feed. GREEN AGROFIELD TRADING L.L.C is also engaged in the implementation of "Green House" technologies.

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